Sound-Absorbing panels

For environmental acoustics

They are produced via thermoforming. Bonded thermal polyester fibre is the material used for the mat, in various thicknesses and densities. The product is preformed into a three-dimensional shape in wooden and/ or aluminium moulds.

For the external lining, a fire-resistant polyester fabric is used and you can choose amongst a wide range of types and colours.
For peripheral trimming, various technologies can be used such as: waterjet cutting, laser cutting and die blanching. Laser cutting allows us to cauterise the peripheral and avoid any potential fraying of the fabric when the panel is in use.

These panels are suited for various uses in the field of environmental acoustics, and especially in the office furniture, restaurant and entertainment venue sectors.

The products are suitable for walls, ceilings and acoustic screens.

Sound-Absorbing panels
Acoustic screens

Internal sound-absorbing lining for operator cabins

Like the panels, the internal sound-absorbing linings for operator cabins are produced via thermoforming. They are preformed into a three-dimensional shape and the technologies listed above can be used for trimming the peripheral.

TNT is used for acoustic lining and you can choose amongst a wide range of types and colours.

This product is used as an aesthetic sound-absorbing liningfor tractor cabs, earthwork equipment, etc.

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