Engineering and design
In order to satisfy the high demand of their customers to develop acoustic solutions with higher performances, Tenace Isolanti is equipped to design products whose properties meet all requirements.
Thermoformed products
Due to their many years of experience, Tenace Isolanti designs and manufactures high-quality thermoformed products. All of the products are produced via the thermoforming technique and are made from a resistant material.
Die-cut products
Tenace Isolanti also manufactures and designs products that are produced via a flat die-cutting machine. Various products are used depending on their intended uses

Tenace Isolanti

Due to the experience gained in thermoforming sound-absorbing materials, Tenace Isolanti designs and manufactures acoustic and thermal insulation products for the most varied commodities sectors on both the industrial and civil markets. Our products are produced via two processes; three-dimensional components are thermoformed and flat components are die-cut. We have a facility for acoustic design, as well as equipment design, when the latter is required. The company has a line for the production of thermoformed components and in partnership with an outside firm, has a waterjet and laser cutting system. The company has 2 blanking machines for die-cutting flat components.


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