Tenace Isolanti

Industrial and civil market

Gruppo Tenace, together with the experience of its founding partners, began its production in 1984 in the sector of door and window handle processing; the Company then turned to indirect supplies in order to complete the orders of their end customers.

The company is equipped with sophisticated systems and robotised cells, that ensure a completely internal processing cycle.

Due to its steady professional and business growth, the Company turned to focusing exclusively on furniture handles. This was in order to branch out their studies and research in various sectors of the industrial and civil markets.

Their commitment and determination, enabled Gruppo Tenace to establish Tenace Isolanti who now specialise in various sectors: automotive, earthmoving, marine, aeronautical, industrial, rail, electronics and furniture. The company is increasingly committed to increasing the production and sale of its products, such as materials for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Tenace Isolanti

Tenace Isolanti

Via L. Da Vinci, 56 - 24043 Caravaggio (Bergamo)

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